Applications may be obtained at the Sheriff's Office, 101 N. Glass, Victoria TX., or by Clicking Here.


To: All Licensed Peace Officers

From: Captain Michael Behrends

Date: October 11th , 2018

Re: SRO Vacancy


Position Title: School Resource Deputy

Job Description Number:   9.05

(revised 09/25/2018)

Salary Range: $22.66

Supervised By: SRO Sergeant


School Resource Deputy


Individuals seeking the position of School Resource Officer must:

  1. Possess a valid Texas Driver License;
  2. Be a licensed peace officer with TCOLE for a minimum of 3 years;
  3. Hold certification as a School Resource Officer through the National Association of School Resource Officers or the ability to successfully obtain NASRO certification within 12 months of appointment;
  4. Pass a physical agility test;
  5. Submit to, and successfully clear, a drug screen prior to beginning employment.
  6. Be subject to a thorough background investigation and personal interviews by agency personnel;
  7. Any requirement may be waived by the sheriff or his designee for cause.
  8. Licensed peace officers who meet the above listed requirements from other units within the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office may apply for a lateral transfer to the School Resource Program.



School Resource Officers of Victoria County Sheriff’s Office are required to:

  1. Carry out the law enforcement function, in strict compliance with the policies and procedures of the agency;
  2. Provide general law enforcement services to those within the jurisdictional limits of the agency;
  3. Preserve public peace;
  4. Protect life;
  5. Protect property;
  6. Prevent crime;
  7. Protect the constitutional rights of all persons encountered or arrested;
  1. Provide equal protection for all;
  2. Use force when necessary to effect a lawful end;
  3. Enforce the laws of the state and other applicable ordinances;
  4. Arrive to work at a specified time in full regulation uniform, unless otherwise instructed;
  5. Protect persons and property that may come under your charge or custody;
  6. Be on duty in the prescribed uniform, and be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to perform all required duties;
  7. Remain on duty and fully conscious until the expiration of the shift, and/or relieved by a supervisor;
  8. Maintain a clean and professional appearance while on duty;
  9. Complete, and turn in before the end of each tour of duty, all reports and necessary paperwork;
  10. Maintain sensitivity and provide equality to all races, religions, sexes, and cultural groups;
  11. Establish and maintain positive, effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, other agencies, and the public;
  12. Attend and complete all required training and demonstrations of proficiency;
  13. Establish and maintain liaison with local, county, state, federal agencies, and public officials; &
  14. Abide by all lawful policies and procedures, orders, and instructions issued by superiors of Victoria County Sheriff’s Office.




School Resource Officers perform a critical role in how we are perceived and supported by the public. The primary tasking of School Resource Officers is the safety of students and staff on school campuses in Victoria Texas, as well as the enforcement of State Laws. What is expected most from the School Resource Officers is open support of the high standards for this agency.

In addition to the general duties required, the School Resource Officer will perform the following specific duties. Deviations from the duties within this job description are subject to the prior approval of the Sheriff or his designee. The School Resource Officer will:

  1. As needed upon assuming duties each shift, the School Resource Officer will review general orders, directives, policies and procedures for recent changes;
  2. Respond to reports of criminal or suspicious activity without unnecessary delay;
  3. Patrol and inspect the campus where assigned;
  4. Investigate and complete reports in a timely manner.
  5. Insure that security needs for campus athletic events and other activities are coordinated with the school and properly addressed.
  6. Be familiar with streets and building locations within the jurisdiction;
  7. Appear in court and assist in the prosecution of violators;
  1. Any other additional duties as assigned by supervisors..



This position reports and is accountable to the School Resource Sergeant.

This position is considered "Essential Personnel", who are subject to respond during emergency situations including, but not limited to, natural and /or man-made disasters.  

The applicant will be subject to a background investigation conducted by the Victoria County Sheriff's Office and will submit to drug screening prior to beginning employment. 

Applications may be picked up at the Sheriff's Office or you may print out an application by clicking the link above.



Submit applications to:         Lieutenant. Pat Aitchison, Training Coordinator

                                                 Victoria County Sheriff’s Office

                                                 101   N Glass

                                                 Victoria,   Texas 77901


Position: Mental Health Officer

Full-Time Position

Salary: $21.57 to $22.66 per hour

Closing Date: Unitl filled

Principal Duties and   Responsibilities:

  1.  Assigned to the Mental Health Task Force   within the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission Council of   Governments. (Victoria, Dewitt, Lavaca, Refugio, Jackson, Calhoun, and Goliad   Counties)
  2.  Prepares and submits case investigations,   monthly reports, and other reports required by VCSO and Gulf Bend Center.
  3.  Provides assistance to area law enforcement   agencies in contacting individuals with mental health problems.
  4.  Responds to calls   for service for emergency and non-emergency matters from law enforcement,   fire departments, and emergency medical service regarding mental health   patients.
  5.  Responds to calls from family and friends   of mentally or emotionally disturbed individuals.
  6.  Assists Gulf Bend Center (local MHMR), local   hospitals, and doctors with evaluations for mental health patients in need of   assistance.
  7.  Transports involuntary individuals to local   and in-care facilities when meeting the Mental Health Code criteria.
  8.  Transports voluntary individuals who are   requesting assistance to local facilities.
  9.  Provides documentation for Emergency   Detention to facilities when requested by doctors.
  10.  Performs other related duties as required   by the VCSO.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Texas Occupational and Health   and Safety Code.
  • Skills in oral and written communication.
  • TCOLE basic Peace Officer certification
  • TCOLE certification as Mental Health   Officer or ability to complete the required training within one year.
  • Ability to work and coordinate with supervisors,   case workers, crisis counselors, and other appropriate employees of Gulf Bend   Center. (local MHMR)
  • Ability and willingness to work shift work,   holidays, and weekends
  • Ability to respond and work within the seven (7) county   Council of Government.
  • Ability to utilize resources available   within the community for mental health patients.
  • Knowledge of procedures for restraining and   transporting individuals.
  • Knowledge of the criminal justice system and court   procedures.
  • Skill in the use of firearms, restraint equipment, and   other standard and specialized equipment.
  • Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the   position.

Experience: preference   will be given to applicants with law enforcement experience in dealing with   mental health patients.

Salary Rate:   $21.57 to $22.66 per hour                 Closing   Date: Noon, May 1st, 2018

Submit   applications to:        Lt.   Pat Aitchison, Training Coordinator by Noon, May 1st, 2018.


Position: Part-Time Telecommunications Officer

Part-Time Position

Salary: $17.00 per hour

Open until filled

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Answers phones and facilitates callers with requests for emergency and non-emergency service for police, fire, and emergency medical service.
  2. Directs caller inquiries and non-emergency calls to the appropriate agency or organization.
  3. Dispatches law enforcement personnel and notifies support and crisis personnel as needed through the use of multi-channel radio system.
  4. Operates telephone, computer, radios, tape recorders, intercoms, alarm monitors, and other related equipment.
  5. Requests and   disseminates vehicle registrations, driver’s license information, criminal history, and other information through the use of the Texas/National Crime   Information Center database computer systems.
  6. Obtains computer information and disseminates to law enforcement officials and investigators. Enters related information into the system.
  7. Sends and receives teletype information to and from related agencies.
  8. Maintains records or logs of work performed such as calls assigned to law enforcement officers.
  9. Sends requests and responses for warrant information to related agencies via teletype.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • TCOLE Telecommunications Operator basic certification or above
  • Experience with Computer Assisted Dispatch software
  • HS diploma or equivalent
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Typing speed of 30 wpm or better; experience with computer systems
  • Ability to pass a basic spelling and aptitude test
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to thrive in highly stressful, sometimes emergency situations
  • Willingness to work shift work, holidays, and weekends


Submit applications to: Lt. Pat Aitchison, Training Coordinator

Applications may be picked up at the Sheriff's Office or you may print out an application by clicking the link at the top of the page.


Position: Detention Officer

 Full-Time Position

Salary: Starting $16.99 per hour

Open until filled

Brief Job Description:
To provide for the care, custody and control of inmates in the Victoria County Jail.


Basic duties include:

Inmate processing, maintaining order, transporting inmates, conducting inmate and cell searches for contraband and enforcing facility rules.

Must be able to read and write the English language.
Bilingual is desirable but not a necessity.
Possess a valid Texas Driver's License.
Must have the ability to obtain a jailer license through an approved TCOLE Jail course.
Must be at least 18 years of age.
Must have high school diploma or equivalent.
Shift work is required for this position.
This position is considered "Essential Personnel", which requires being on duty to respond during emergency situations including, but not limited to, natural and /or man-made disasters.

The applicant will be subject to a background investigation conducted by the Victoria County Sheriff's Office and will submit to drug screening prior to beginning employment.

Applications may be picked up at the Sheriff's Office or you may print out an application by clicking the link above.


Position: Maintenance   Officer

Full-Time Position

Salary: $18.12 per hour

Opened until filled


General   Statement of Duties: Two (2) years of   full-time paid employment as a maintenance worker with a valid Texas Driver’s   License. Duties include performing a   wide variety of maintenance activities to improve the functioning and   appearance of the facility; to repair plumbing, electrical, structural,   heating and cooling systems of the building.   Also must assist with painting, plastering and perform light   construction duties. The applicant   must be able to communicate both orally and in writing, be a US citizen   and at least 21 years of age. The   applicant will be subject to a background check conducted by the Victoria   County Sheriff’s Office and will submit to a drug screen prior to beginning   employment.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:   Knowledge of:   English usage, spelling and grammar. General knowledge of Microsoft Word. Speak, Write, and Read Reports and   Comprehend Other Documents. Pass the   VCSO physical agility course.

Salary Range:                             $18.12 per hour                                Closing   Date: Open Until Filled

Submit applications to:         Lt. Pat Aitchison, Training Unit

                                                        Victoria County Sheriff’s Office

                                                        101   N Glass

                                                        Victoria,   Texas 77901


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